I Think We Should Attack The Moon

He sat on a huge throne
Before a computer
And sighed
The last princess
Had gone from the Kingdom
And drown
And died
“It is only a game” his adviser told him
“Shut up” the king said “do you think this throne is real?”
“Well the throne is real.  You went and bought it”
“Well I am king.  King of all of earth.  And you for one should respect me”
The adviser stepped back
The jester came forward
“Well I for one know you are king” the jester said
“Well at least that’s one of you” the king said
“I think we should attack the moon before the moon gets too strong and attacks us” the jester said
“Very wise words” the king said and drank some ale
“I think” the king began “that we should – after the moon – attack Mars.  I heard the aliens there do the greatest art in the universe and we could steal it all and put it up in the castle”
The adviser stepped forward
“You have no army Sir” the adviser said “I think you should go to bed”
“Go to bed!?” the king said “we are about to attack the moon!”
“Saturn might have diamonds” the jester said “diamonds would look good in your castle”
The king stroked his beard and nodded
The adviser turned aside to the jester “quit it”
The jester smiled
The king got up and slipped and fell down the mount he had the throne on
His body went still
“Well” the jester said to the adviser “you got what you wanted.  He went to bed”
“And what is it you wanted?” the adviser said to the jester
The jester smiled “to have a bit of fun”
“Well you got that”
“And you got that” the jester kicked the king lightly “he’ll be out for the night.  You can relax”

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