Titans and bright ones and love
From Algiers
Killed emotion dwindling funds of fears
Mighty and tightening screws
Without news
Without use
Spartans and artists and the smell of pine
Twisting the pen
To create what is always mine
Marriage and staring not caring into abysses
From death
Forms life in a number of misses
A form so beautiful
It deserves all it’s kisses
Smurfs and worth and poems written fast
Life in a world that won’t last
Spinning tired into the hole
With no soul
No ego
Heaped in with other people

I Will Let Go At The Right Time

(link to song on dropbox)

Seems to me the darkest days are past
The only thing left is pain
And I hope it doesn’t last
Honesty with honesty is fought
And hopelessly into the web we’re caught

And I will let go at the right time
I don’t want to die
But I am dying
And I will let go of my own mind
I will close my eyes and I will –

Seems to me that dreams is all we are
That there is a reality but we take our dreams too far
We know we can’t come back to life
We know we can’t ever ever
But the feeling inside is that we live forever

And I will let go at the right time
I don’t want to die
But I am dying
And I will let go of my own mind
I will close my eyes and I will –


Showers Of Powers

Down the cellar
Where rich old people come to pee on me for a hundred dollars
I stand wet with urine
Why do you write?  They ask.  What are you learning?
I’m nothing
I say
I am just this yearning and burning for art
And they stand still
With eyes that rip me apart
I bent the photo of them I was talking to as well
In half
Spent a fold of money on a tomato paste bath
To rid me of their smell

Forget The Road

Forget the road
The sky is faster
Forget your own damn dreams
Not what we are after
And love your pills and machines
That you have a half free will
And no “real” meaning
Love your nuts
Your vag
Let your own fucking heart blow apart
And let your chest sag
Let the kill throw become
Say:  It’s over, I’m done
And forget your hunt
Your dog
Ship your love north into the frozen cakes of white earth
Give a hundred a thousand
Give birth
And die lonely as me
Writing poems
No one will ever see

Replaced Face

I flicked a pun
And it landed on your shirt
I stabbed the pen into the sentence and persist
You stand there
Not an artist
Never kissed
Half broken inside (schiz)
I step into the mist
And fog
Kick out God
I slammed my fist and broke my wrist
And blood and words went everywhere
I picked up “perrennial” and dreamed indifferent
I don’t care
Long after my death after my memories
Long after worlds and into the heat death of the universe
My dreams spasm into their infinities
I dropped a foot into the paragraph
And left a print of size 10 on a followers face
Cracking the screen of my computer
Screaming “I don’t want to be replaced”

They Liked To Talk

They liked to talk
They liked to sing
They liked the tapestry wrapped around them
Pulled down from the wall
And worn like a dress
I was there to improve them
To make their life probable
And I descended in a silver capsule
And broke free in their stomach
They liked to talk
They liked to sing
They liked pumpkins and Christmas and summer
Mixed in blender of personality
Only found on TV
And I hung around
Asking them to turn down the sound
Of loud talks
And singing
“Well what do you like?” they asked
“Not that” I said
“What?” they asked and all blinked at the same time
“Carry on” I said

A Reason To Be

Reasons like dreams
Like raisins all peppered into the bread
And rain
Raisons d’etre
And more it seems
Chop me up and put me in the box
Reasons like rain like raisins like a raisons d’etre

Reasons in seasons like treason
Raising the raisins on beams
Of bread
It’s all in your wheezing
All in your death
All in your head

Reasons to be
To write to feed the nerves beans
Raising the dreams
And pushing the raisins into the dough
A reason to be
A real strong inclination and purpose inside
Pushing kicking breathing
Breaking water
And ready to be born