The Humpty Dumpty of science and wisdom
Fell off the wall and broke his skeleton
And all the artists and technicians tried to recreate it
But the dying Humpty Dumpty did not make it
“What were you doing on the wall?” we complain
And Humpty Dumpty just wrestles in pain
“Any last words?” we say after awhile
“No” Humpty says and he dies without a smile

“Do you pull your punches?” Dave said
“Course I do.  I wouldn’t hit someone full force” I answered
“With regards to poetry I mean”
“The metaphor doesn’t really work for poetry”
“What does it work for”
“I suppose in a song you could pull your punches by removing the swears”
“Then why couldn’t you remove your swears from your poem?”
“I don’t really swear much”
“What if I swear now would you pull it?”
“Swear and find out”
“Will you leave that in the poem?”
“No I will definitely not”
“Snot bag” Dave said
“Hey.  Go to hell” I said

With nothing in his heart
And nothing in his head
He built his temple out of souls
Only some of them were dead
With nothing in his sermon
And no feeling in his voice
He filled his church with vermin
And people that had no choice
With nothing in his books
And nothing in his suggestions
People stopped asking
And he would just forgive them
With nothing in his heart
And nothing in his head
He built his temple out of souls
Only some of them were dead

I thought it would be okay
That we would have an agreeable time
But after some awkward conversation about geometry
Where I didn’t know what he meant by a polygon
He began making fun of me
“Look at your nose” the alien said “what do you use that for?”
“Well” I said a little rattled by his sarcastic tone “to smell”
“Did you smell your way here?”
“Do you smell your meal before eating it?”
“It’s useless.  The nose is useless” the alien said
“It’s not useless” I said “what if there’s a fire?”
“A fire” the alien said laughing
“Yeah” I said
“A whole organ just for in case of fire” the alien said “that’s like your penis”
“It’s just for a piss once a day and sex once in awhile”
“I piss more than once a day”
“What about sex?”
“I don’t have sex”
The alien pointed at me “gotcha”
“Where does all the sperm go if you don’t have sex?”
“Never mind” I said getting angry “why don’t you mind your own business?”
“Ooooo getting testy?”
“Go back in your spaceship and go back to the planet you came from”
Suddenly the alien reached up and unzipped from a hidden zipper
It was Greg
“Ha” Greg said “I fooled you”

Out of hope
Springs the eternity of well being
Flowers the unsigned rhyme of mankind
Blooms the every dream and love
Out of hope
Rises the ever serious
The already elevated are elevated once more
A weariness is awakened and wisdom has an open door
Out of hope
The door swings open to new projects and experiences
The fear resolves itself
And you are happy to all appearances

Born here
Sorta spat out on the ground
In a gross way
Slithering in my own snot
And sucking on my mothers blood
I grew up restless and in a dream
And completely sad
Then I lost my sixteen year old sister when I was fifteen
And she was all I had
I went about tormented
Feeling it was all my fault
I had no one to bank my feelings off of
Kept it all inside a vault
Sometimes I think I try to do what she would have (art)
And feel I kept true to her desires
Other times even that doesn’t matter
I burn them poems in fires

You don’t have the time
To dance to this rhyme
And how can you
With no music
This author smells off
I think he’s sick
You don’t have the time
To rocket to space in this rhyme
And jump up and down in excitement
Because you don’t really have time
And are only on to check messages
But I’d be proud if you did
Go all the way to space
You think this poem is bad
You should see what I erase!
You don’t have time
To visit an alien planet with me
This is a busy morning
You have very little time free
Just want to check for kittens
Not the death poets poems
After checking the kittens
You’ll leave the computer alone
But it would be swell if you could read just one poem
This one if you have a chance
You’re not at all required to dance
Or go to space
That’s just a suggestion
From a mental case
And his imagination