I Take Down

I take down
And feel it rip through me
Struggling to understand
The essence of beauty
Ostracized from friends
To explore a nobody
Dismissing me
Because you don’t care
I’m getting farther away from my goal
It’s not fair
I take down
And a gossip party starts in my head
I won’t stop drinking
Until they all leave my head
I am a movement
And no one can stop me
Unless dead on the ground
Because one of you shot me

And You Still Feel Terrible

You jogged
You trained with weights
You danced
And ignored your fate
You found the music too loud
You smoke
And you still feel terrible

You built yourself
And built an excellent structure
You designed it all
And gave no one pressure
You ate steak
And stood in the backyard with friends
As though pretend
Like a parable
Like an anecdote
And you still feel terrible

You helped me out
With a bit of insight
Even though your explanation
Wasn’t quite right
And I found you out to be a fool
Your nonsense unbearable
You pray all the time
And still feel terrible

There Was Too Many Cooks

There was too many cooks
And not enough beans
The stink in my nostrils
As I clean the latrines
There was a magic show at noon
And we’d all be on TV
I unplugged my eyes
So I wouldn’t have to see
There was too many complaints
All about me
I wrote them all out
On a cause and effect tree
But when I brought it to my doctor
He told me to see
So plugged my eyes back in
And turned up my hearing knob
I figured you would have trouble he said
Why, I asked, because I don’t believe in God?

Never Give Up (Unless You Feel Like It)

Never give up
Unless you feel like it
There are other things
Never laugh at yourself
Unless you are actually and sincerely funny
Never eat anything
Unless you get really hungry
Or someone is flaunting food at you
Never hate people
Unless they deserve it
And you need to exact a revenge
Never go to church
They manipulate you there
But I mean if you want – then go
Never die
Unless you have to
Or if you decide to
Never lie
Unless a lie can help you
Then lie all you want
Never do art
Unless you are inspired
The world is nuts
So do some good
Some good will be admired

I Have No Talents

I have no talents
I have no skills
The reward for all my efforts
Is to take pills
I have no mate
I have no desire
And I hear them bellow in my mind
That I am a liar
I have no grief
I am not too often in tears
I don’t have much love
It’s wasted on my fears
I have no death
I kind of quit it
All I will talk about is reality
And God doesn’t fit it
I’m sad maybe
But functional at least
Writing nonsense
In the belly of the beast

You Spent The Moment

You spent the moment
Now it’s gone in the wind
You did things against the law
And all you talk about is your “sin”
You froze the moment
To read about a Lord you think exists
I hold an ugly truth about that
I hold it tightly in my fist
You stepped over the line
To a place that doesn’t exist
“It cannot be a lie” you say
“Any reasonable person would agree”
And I feel agitated and broken
And finally you leave
And solitude begins giving me energy
That you took from me
I close my eyes “I’m free”
“I am done”
In this religious and heartbreaking world
I am one