I’ll Give You One More Poem

I’ll give you one more poem
But you’ll have to grab it from my hands
You’ll have to read it ten times
And still not even understand
I’ll give you one more
And then into the tornado
Blasting through the psychosphere
Like a flying potato
I’ll give you one more poem
But you’ll have to suck it through a straw
The liquid words will warm your soul
But the advice is against the law
I’ll give you one more
And then into the grave
My soul twisted upwards into a sky full of the saved

You’re Never Sad

“You’re never sad” Dave said
“Nope” I agreed
“And you never get weak”
“You’re never unreasonable or moody or flighty”
“No I’m not”
I looked out the window
All my hallucination ever talked about was me
Couldn’t he comment on someone else
“What about you?” I said
Dave looked at me shocked
Like I had just thrown an orange
“What about me?” he said scrunching up his eyebrows
“Well do you get sad?  Do you get weak?  Do you get unreasonable or moody or flighty?” I said
“No” he said
I scratched my head
“Then” I said “why were you saying I wasn’t?”
“Forget about it”
“Is it” I said closing the window “because you – ”
“Shut your mouth” Dave said
I shut it

Okay I Will Write

I will write
Or blog
Or program
Or whatever you call it is
What I do
When I write on this screen
The doors are opening
I’m going to see the lion or the lady
And I’m going to cry just like a baby
So if you take offense to tears
Take offense to fears
If you take offense to reason
To questions
And treason
If you take offense to anything
I will offend you at once
Calling you names
“Stop reading you dunce”
And hopping every train
That arises as thought
For to forget what I am
And become what I’m not

Don’t You Love It When It Rains

Don’t you love it when it rains
When the sun shines through
And rainbows sparkle across the plain
Don’t you love the flowers and powers
Of great thunderstorms
When the field
Fills with thousands of unicorns
Don’t you love the ocean shelf
Where swims the elusive ten foot elf
Don’t you love the sky
The moment in which we die
The fluttering pixies
Giving no questions or answers to our lie
Driven upwards bolting
A kind of gruesome troll
All bloodthirsty and broken
And revolting
Don’t you love it when it rains
A broken brain
Loving never again
To the state of staying the same
And a dried river of bigfoot footprints
As a nightcrawler crawls
And the poets hoodwink

The Answer….

The answer
Is that all of us are one another
That equality is
Not the case at hand
Or important
That we are biologically exact
We are psychologically
So diverse
And worldviews as many as there are people
Means we are all wrong
And the answer
The answer….
Doesn’t matter
It is an impasse
A brick wall
A last fizz and pop of being
Before the final fall

Realism / The Basic Guide To Life

The basic guide to life
The razor
The edge of the knife
Blood filled nightmares
Like a gutted pig hung on the hook
It bothers
Daydreams so sweet
You awake to dreams of other authors
Like an egg all bubbled and brown
Killing each moment
Without any sight
Any sound
And a rich complex field
Pushed down
And then back upwards
Like ash from a fire
That your “reality testing” was invalid
And your “realism” refuted
That you were always a liar
And deluded