You Are There

“I will lay dead in your arms by Easter” I whispered to her
And she smiled
“And all that is mine will be yours”
I opened my eyes
And no one was there
“You are there” I said
But she wasn’t
“I know the real reason you don’t appear” I said
“I know why you never say anything”
“I know why I’ve never met you”
“I know why you don’t really ….”
The sky turned to birds
The ground spun
Someone shouted

You Got A Lot Of God In You

“You got a lot of God in you”
“I do not”
“You do”
“I do not.  I have no God in me”
He laughed “you lie”
“Why would I lie?”
He fidgeted with his fingers and unzipped a small leather bound bible
“I’m Lutheran”
“Yeah” I said “you said that”
“I did?”
“I don’t remember” he said “did I tell you that that’s a sect of Christianity”
“I know that it’s Christianity”
“Well I told you what I believe”
“No you didn’t” I said annoyed
“What church do you go to?”
“I don’t go to church”
“Well what do you believe?”
“I don’t believe in Luther”
“Do you know who he was?”
“He wasn’t a God”
“I know he wasn’t”
“Do you know what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus?”
“No and I’m not missing anything”
“No such thing”
“What are you an atheist?”
“Took you long enough”
“I thought you were catholic” he said and zipped up his bible
And walked away

All Lives

Nothing is dead
All lives
And even when we dance the corpse with puppet strings
Nothing lives
Nothing lives
Nothing is dead
All lives
And even when we pry open the eyes with pennies
When we look
For a wisp of a soul
And there ain’t any
Nothing lives
Nothing lives
Nothing is dead
Is crucial
To understand
Is usable as a tool
Death in a pool
Not cool
Not cool
Nothing is dead
It is spoken
It gives
And forgives
Nothing is dead
All lives


Wheelers dealers and healers
A dream poured like milk
Into a bowl of cereal killers
Seers and soothsayers and stoics
And bird baths
Loveless and corky
Meandering down cycle paths
But fits though
A skit so
One of the champions
I give you the best
One who wins
And tears in success
And cries
And one who flew over the cuckoos nest
And dies
Too lazy
Bet too much money on your own head
A panic of manic proportions
Toys in the attic
Bees in the bonnet
And distortion

You Found Me

You found me
On the crisp rise and fall of words
You haven’t heard
A kind of kindness emanates
And a love for almost anyone
You found me
On the pattern of dreams lies and truths
A bipedal
Everything thought in twos
You found me
A dreamer and scientist and anti-god
Dancing coldly on the corpse of a Santa Claus
And tooth fairy
Moving words like furniture
Until weary

Too Many Poems

Too many
And no quality
I think you should not write any
You spell and write grammar all faulty
Too soon
You should have slept
A soul sweetly executed on the sacrificial alter
My integrity kept
Too quick
Shot from a rhyme with a canon
At the masses
Wiped like come from the readers glasses
And hated on
And chopped
And disliked and –
Too short
No time to connect
Just a blanket of words
To throw
On the bed of the internet