Everyone Can See It

Everyone can see it
Shining in the sky
The giant question
Why the fuck we die
And in the distance shuffling
Is those who have nothing
And are simply suffering
And we do nothing
Everyone can smell
That shit is going down
We don’t have to wait for it
It’s already underway
And my death and your death
How shall we keep score
We are those who die for no reason
Reproducing more and more!

You Kiss This World Goodbye

You kiss this world goodbye
When under a wooden sky
You fill with dread and die
You knock on doors in heavens
To find your brethren
Distant from your reverend
And you pout before friends
About how the world just ends
And all of this seems pretend
Though careful to seem real
Broken on a giant wheel
To turn inward and no longer feel
And take the last road left
Unprepared and in a mess
Equal in death
Or less
You kiss this world goodbye
Under a wooden sky
You fill with dread and die

Puddles Like Mirrors

Puddles like mirrors
And a sky coming down in sheets
The barn
Where the air reeks
And floating like a piece of dung
Into the streets
Pure and raw
The soul of a farmer
More than just exhibited
Fresh like a splash of rain
Hard to get out like a paint stain
The world looks at me
As I look inside
Watching to see if I have something
Or if I have already died

In Love With Papers

In love with papers
Sucked into the slit like a vapor
And carbon dated
To excessively create
And excessively state it
In love with papers
With a high
Shoved up the chimney
Left there to slowly bleed
And quickly die
A horse inside my head
Running circles in corral
John Steinbecks “The Pearl”
Blood doping
And going for a good race
It’s stuffy
And at too slow a pace
Broken open by strangers
For taking the baby from the manger
In the nativity scene
At a church I attend
And say prayers for pretend
In a doorway of the battle
Ready to get right back in the saddle
I was never more than a dream
A shadow

I Ain’t Lyin’

Out banging a nail
Into a poem
And pouring cement
Over the tone
(That is meant to be explicit)
I just feel alone
They say “this is about friendship is it?”
And I stare sadly at them
On the video of their phone

Out snagging a crisp sentence
Ripping it up
And chopping it for my apprentice
Who looks at me
With a transparency
And disappears
And I stare sadly out the window
To be accosted by worry

Out checking the ditches
For good stories
I dumped my loose leaf into the garbage
All my stories were boring
And my face glows
With a monitor inches from my face
I get all teary
As I erase

Out of luck
Out of thought
Out of time
I slide a poem towards you
That doesn’t rhyme
And you read
The first two lines
The question locks and binds
And you fret and whine
That I am untrue
But I ain’t lyin’

Three Things

“Shoot me a metaphor” I said
Carol stared at me from the Skype window
“I don’t know any” she said
“What?!” I said
“I don’t know any”
“I mean how can you not be able to….”
“Let me think of a good metaphor”
“See you don’t know any either”
My face began to flush with anger
“Metaphors are everywhere” I said “it’s like it’s like – ”
“That’s a simile” she said
“I know!”
“Why are you so mad?”
“I don’t feel well” I said
“Why not?”
“I just don’t”
“Why not? ┬áIs it because you don’t know any metaphors?”
“No” I said and flushed with anger again
I went off screen
And sat watching off camera
“Are you alright?” Carol asked
“Yeah” I said
I picked up a pencil and broke it
Then I began drawing
“What are you doing?” she asked
“I’m drawing”
“Because you couldn’t write?”
“What if you can’t draw?”
“I play music” I said
“What if you can’t play music?”
“Then I guess I’m back to writing”
“You only do three things?”
I watched the cat make it’s way along the edge of the window
It jumped on the arm of a chair and then on the floor
“Yeah” I said