Having To Live As A Human

Having to have a heart

That loves the wrongest person

So that the heart fractures -

And tears

Suicide ideation

And hatred

Having to have a brain

That devises deception

Until no one trusts me

And I fail at everything

Having to have a smile

So big

So in denial

And representing a sarcasm so wicked

So fluorescent

Having to die at some time

Like a TV

Like a star

Like a rat

The Devil Rids Itself Of Itself

Oh the devil rids itself of itself

And lives in a chamber below every mirror

Sometimes he sings a little song

That he makes up as he goes

And I thump on the floor from my room

And say “shut up devil”

Oh the devil overcomes god

And takes heaven all for himself

Living for nothing but to eat humans

One after the other

And sometimes 

Many at once

Oh the devil perfects evil

So that none of us know what it is

Or who it is that is evil

So that we go dead

And answer in no revolt

No revolution

I’ll Be Fine

I’ll be fine

The dead stone happiness

Rippling in every nerve

The red dimple cherry gratefulness

And somber apple pie grief

Filling with the feeling of hurt


I’ll be fine

In this wind tunnel

In this perpetual dance

In this life where I’m given it all

With a smile so big

You would think I had a chance


I’ll be fine

In this spaceship

In this bunker

Jumping ship when I sink

Finding value in what I dream

In what I imagine

In what I think


I’ll be fine

When corpse

In a box below mankind

With worms crawling inside me

And dirt falling in my coffin

I won’t care at all

Because I’ll have no mind