Where Did You Get That?

“Where did you get that?” I said pointing to his watch

“Oh” Darryl said “Brent gave it to me”

“Brent’s dead”

“He said I could have it before he died”

“Sure you didn’t just take it off his wrist?”

Darryl nodded

I went down the interior of the ship

And found the cabin where they kept Brent’s body

“Where is his pants?” I asked “this is unbelievable”

The doctor entered wearing Brent’s pants

“You can’t take Brent’s pants”

“He doesn’t need them.  He’s dead!”

I stared at the doctor for a few seconds

“And his shirt?  Where’s his shirt?”

“Gordie took it”

“I got to tell the Captain.  We are going to be at Port Neders in 4 hours”

“Don’t tell him” the doctor said

I looked at him like he was nuts

“Where did you get that necklace?” I said “you didn’t have that before”

“It was in Brents bag”

“Look” I said “I’m telling the Captain.  Brent was my friend.  I don’t appreciate him being stolen from”

“He’s dead”

“I know he”s dead”

Suddenly Gordie appeared

“What is this?” I said

“I really like your shirt” Gordie said

“And I’m into the shoes” the doctor said “what size are you?”

Gordie had a gun pointed at me

“So this is it?” I said “gonna do me in for some shoes”

“And your watch.  And your smart phone.  And your jeans”

“You won’t get away with this” I said

Suddenly the Captain and several hands entered the room

“What is going on?” I said

And everyone laughed

He Fast Like A Prayer

He fast like a prayer

He quick with his brain

He tell the Pastor

He did some cocaine

He nuts with the music

He driven with the Lord

He going back to church

To get some more

He green like a fern

He a sinner more than a saint

He claims he’s already forgiven

The Pastor says he ain’t

He jumpy like a squirrel

He desperate for the sermon

I said “that dude still does drugs”

Pastor said “he’s still learnin'”

He open like a book

He vocal like a teacher

He said the morning prayer

And introduced the preacher

He annoys me like a dead channel

Like getting hit with a shovel

I don’t think he belongs in our congregation

I think he’s the devil

I Looked Out Upon A World

I looked out upon a world

Ridding itself of itself

The blind workers foiling themselves

As lazy assholes profited

I looked out upon a world

Spoiling itself of itself

Investing in its own demise

And pretending victim even though it dies

I looked out upon a world

Stealing itself from itself

Pulling out the drain on itself

Calling itself out for mental health

And drifting inside the ward and out

I looked out upon a world

In envy of its own suicide

Smiling as it drowns

As the ears go deaf

And the sight goes brown

Look Out Upon A World Rosy Red

Look out upon a world rosy red

With every instance of life already dead

And see with sentience the sentience that begins

That falls through the cracks and quickly ends

Look out upon the world without any focus

And hallucinate what you can’t see like hocus pocus

Deepen the pain that already persists

And choose the path that actually exists

For the whole world stands or falls with your breath

And the whole world will vanish and fold in with your death

You Make The Stars Glisten With Suicide

You make the stars glisten with suicide

You make me feel like my soul just died

You fill the light with plumes of darkness

You call love completely heartless

You make the suspicion grow sporadic

And you make out of a few times a hardened habit

You spoil my day with your claims

That all art has certain aesthetic aims

And you drift to death in a sort of madness

As though all along it was what you had to address

And with breath so bad it hurts my eyes

You state “fuck it all because all of it dies”

You Dream Inside A Parameter

You dream inside a parameter

Steeped with your own bias

And you look out awake at daylight

At your very highest

You daydream inside a perimeter

And cast doubt on layers of pride

You have nothing to show for yourself

And nothing at all to hide

You envision with thought the layout

Of a palace where you could die

And end up asleep

Curled up inside a lie



A kind of detestable pink thing

A worm

Or snake with arms


Cold calculating brain

And sheepish

A pitying

Over reaching heart

Love like death

Like death


A kind of unspeakable thing

Running poems by

Running words

Running sentences

Without a clue