What Do You Want?

What do you want?
To feel the inside of my brain?
Do you want my words to lead you to the interior?
Past the parts that are plain
To the parts glowing and insane?
What do you want?
To stick you fingers
Inside the ventricles of my heart?
And rub the blood all over the story
Of a man in love who’s heart cracks?
A man alone in a world of his own -
Who frequently looks back
What do you want?
The lies of superheros?
The pathetic and weak character
You can identify with?
(The smear of snot off my nose
Rubbed on my clothes)
And I hide in your shadows
Of what you are about
As though you might suddenly
Reach into my mouth
Arm deep
And pull every organ out

You Only Want Chaos

You only want chaos
In a world natural
Made your heart stone
And claim it’s inanimate
Wrote a heartbreaking poem
And cracked that heart like a piece of granite
You only want chaos
In a world ordered
You find someone to love
And you have them cornered
“You are wild” you whisper
And can’t control
The pieces of the dream whole
Destroyed within a fiction
Within a “soul”
You only want chaos
In a world governed by violence
You want the biggest peace ever
Complete silence
And dangerous am I
Like a spark to your explosives
I rub my metal on your battery pegs
And touch the part that is corrosive
You only want chaos
And move like a machine towards it
Under worlds of made up values called money
The limited of mind
Hordes it
And you are a dancing
And chance to be a fancy thing
With lights and attention
A little wardrobe
Of fashionable invention
And your broken heart a long story
And probably sad
Cracked all inside from love that recently died
Life is yours for only as long as you have

Which Was Your Best Poem Today?

“How many poems did you write today?” Dave asked
“Doesn’t matter” I said
“Which was your best poem today then?”
“I’m afraid to show you because I’m partial to it”
“Hand it over!”
“Can I give you my second best one and you can rip that apart?”
“No.  I want the one you like.  Give it.  You are harboring a self-love and I am going to exorcise it”
I laughed “you’re funny”
“Is it the one about the leaves being like electrons?”
“Give it”
“Alright.  It’s the one called I’m Going To Split Your Head Open With Poems”
“I’ll go read it one second”
Dave whipped out his iPad
And went to the mentioned poem
“The first thing I notice is you only got two likes.  That means you didn’t have a fast enough tempo or strange enough metaphors.  Upon looking at the title I see that you used the first line of your poem which is annoying.  Because you read the same thing twice.  The thought disorder bit is stupid.  You come in all strong and then you admit you have thought disorder which makes people think:  Why read it?  The last metaphor is perhaps the strongest of the weak metaphors in it which are also very few.  But saying you will wish you were never born is not an exact rhyme with horns and doesn’t really make much sense”
Suddenly the poem appeared for what it was
A piece of crap
“Thanks” I said reluctantly “I guess I needed that”
“Anytime” Dave said “I love ripping your poems to shreds”

I Write The Words That Free

I write the words that free
I killed all that was inside me
And I write the words that see
The words that you believe
I write the words you leave
As though it wasn’t something you need
And I write the words you use to deceive
As though happily received
I write the words that you grieve
And I feel empathy
And you can lead
You can see with these words that heave
That cleave to the seeds of grief
And hang like ornaments from my death belief
Which I will believe until I cease to breathe
I write the words that free
I killed all that was inside me

The Blogchipper

“You gave up on your blog?” I asked
“Yeah” Dave said
“Well the idea was to write about other blogs”
“Like criticize them?”
“Yeah.  But it was kind of like voting”
“How so?”
“You know how you look at all the politicians and there is not one you like?”
“You don’t like anyone’s blog?”
“I just saw so much that I could criticize but had no….template or blog that I could compare to”
“You needed an excellent blog to criticize all the crap ones from?”
“I can see how that could be a problem.  Why didn’t you write the excellent blog?”
“Well that’s what mine was going to be.  But I can’t rightly go around saying peoples blogs suck because they don’t go around saying peoples blogs suck like I do”
“I see you’ve thought this through”
“Yeah.  It was a bad idea”
“Not really.  It would be great to have a blog critic blog”
“How so?”
“Well you really help me.  When I’m manic you chill me out by telling me all my flaws.  Then I focus and try to correct my flaws.  And in that way you make my writing better”
“I know.  That’s how I got the idea”
“What did you call your blog?”
“I called it The Blogchipper”
“Like the woodchipper from Michael Dents poem?”
“Yeah that’s where I got the idea”

I Love Anyone

Love these mornings to myself
Just writing and gawking out the window
I like the leaves everywhere and the wind moving them about
As though they have no particular place like an electron
And everything is in flux
The whole day before me
To grow sour
I give you my best now
While I have the will power
And slide the rhyme in
With an awkward sort of timing
That is found in nature
And a symmetry
That is also found in nature
An order
That is not obvious at first
A sort of pattern
Like one made by wind in the dirt
And I kind of crawl out of the rhymes and meter
To just dry up in a strange ending
With a bit of pretending
And a lie that will heal you
For the time being
And a dream that dances transparent in front of the beautiful vision I’m seeing
A feeling so high but so blue
And I love anyone
Even you

I Absolutely Know That

You want more than me
I just want to be the greatest poet
You look out at the world
And say “I want to know it”
“Know what?” I scream
“Don’t you know what you don’t know?” I say “or do you even know what I mean?”
And you want to know
And not just read about silly experiments
That are hard to judge anything from
Because all the things that could go wrong
Or skew the data
You look at evolution in a Grade Two book and shake your head
“No” you say
And I laugh “what then?”
“I want to know absolutely”
“Evolution is that absolutely!” I say
“You suffer academia”
You suffer religiousity”
“I know things” you say “I know things you don’t know”
“Yeah” I said “I can’t know them for a reason other than you won’t tell me”
“What’s that?”
“They are absolutely untrue”
“You don’t know that”
“I absolutely know that”